Life with Hope, LLC Counseling Center

Brooke Executive Park, 3607 Alt. 19, Suite B, Palm Harbor, FL  34683-1412    727.600.8081

Our Administrative Team 

     Ms Montan lives and Palm Harbor and is currently working on her Registered Nursing (RN) degree at Galen College of Nursing and formerly attended Palm Harbor University High School. 

     As a film producer for nineteen years. Mr. Campbell has produced documentary and training motion pictures in twenty-five countries.   He left film production to form James C. Campbell and Associates, a management training and consulting firm with clients in Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. Retiring from the rigors of travel after over twenty-four years, he joined with his wife, Robin Campbell, to found Life with Hope, LLC. They now work together to provide effective and accessible help to children and adults experiencing mental and behavioral trauma.