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Counseling in Russian and English

Marina Skane counsels in English and Russian.
Marina Skane, MA, LMFT

Moving Toward the Life You Deserve

     Marina's work with you will be based on your needs and goals.  She will work to help you feel better about yourself, more deeply connected and satisfied with your life.

    Marina has had extensive experience working with people who battle depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, relationship issues, daily stress or with people who are getting through a rough patch in life.  She has a unique ability to help people who are coping with changes in their lives that involve new surroundings, cultures, or life styles. 

     Her helping style is always determined by your own background and life experiences.  You will begin to feel better after only one or two sessions with Marina.

    Marina says:  "Our work together will move you toward meeting your needs, achieving your goals and achieving the satisfaction with life that you deserve."

Some of Marina's Specialties are:

     *  Becoming more connected with life around you
     *  Dealing with new challenges in your life
     *  Confronting problems with important relationships
     *  Getting over life-shattering crises
     *  Dealing with domestic violence
     *  Easing intercultural marriage issues
     *  Relating to extremely high IQ children
     *  Coping with issues rising from psychotic behavior

     Marina holds a BA degree and a Bachelor of Political Science degree from Kyrgyz – Russian Slovanic University and a MA degree from Chapman University.  She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Florida. 

     Marina conducts counseling in Russian and English.

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