Life with Hope, LLC Counseling Center

Key West Executive Center
2708 Palm Harbor Blvd., Ste 507-12
Palm Harbor, FL 34683-2665
(behind Rum Runners)

Phone: 727-600-8081

Counseling in Spanish, Greek and English

Provides therapy in English, Spanish and Greek.

Nicole Kratimenos, MA, LMHC

Key to Happiness and Health


     Are you or someone you love in trouble with the Department of Corrections?  Nicole can help.  She has many years of experience working with the government officials and agencies to help people in serious difficulties.

    Do you have a child or teenager who looks as though he or she is headed for trouble?  Then, she can help even more.  Better to head off trouble with the law or school officials before something bad happens.

    We don’t come into this world equipped with all the tools we need to live a productive, satisfying life.  Often, our growing up process fails to provide us with all that we need.  No point in blaming parents or school officials or whatever.  The simple answer is, if things in your life for you or someone you love aren’t working out as you would like, get help!  Nicole has the knowledge and the tools to start you in a new direction.  You deserve it.

    Nicole says:  "We all face challenges at some point or another throughout our lives. The key to happiness and health is learning the effective tools that can confront those challenges in a healthy and successful manner.  The toughest part for some people, I believe, is getting past the shame and stigma that some have regarding counseling.  You deserve the opportunity to talk to an outsider about the stressors, (good or bad), that you are dealing with -- someone that will not judge you or tell you how to run your life, but will give you the tools that will help you move on to a better, less stressful life."

     Nicole earned a Bachelors' Degree in Psychology, a Bachelors' Degree in Spanish and a Masters' degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida.  She has nine years of experience working to help people with their mental health.  She is a specialist in substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders.  She also has experience in working with stress, anxiety, depression, crisis intervention, adolescent issues, adjustment issues, and communication issues.
    Nicole is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida. 
She is the mother of three children.

    Nicole conducts counseling in Spanish, Greek and English. 

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